Matt Cohen


In my work, I aim to not only fulfill corporate expectations to the highest standard but also produce arresting, engaging photography that I can be proud of.

In my event photography, I try to capture the overall narrative of the day through my close-ups and candid shots, combining my experience as a graphic designer with an eye for the unusual and quirky.

In my studio, I have no qualms against getting close and personal while creating a vibrant and imaginative atmosphere: my clients have often commented on how my experimental use of colors and lighting has brought new depth to their creative visions.

I believe in connecting with my subjects to better understand their needs and make their experience a memorable one.

The love of photography that began during my amateur years still hasn’t worn off, and I’m always trying to learn and better my skills to pursue this passion.

Please feel free to contact me for availability, connect with me on social media or write a review of your experience working with me.

All the best,

MatteDesign Photography

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